Ready for awards season? Fall movies coming

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Ready for awards season? Fall movies coming

Post by onlyguy on Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:34 pm

The days are getting shorter, the nights
are getting cooler, and the dinosaurs are
being put out to pasture. Is it time for awards season yet? It's always time for awards season! If summer is blockbuster season, when
computer-generated fireballs and
costumed crusaders keep ticket sales
clicking, then fall is preparation for
awards season, when the movie studios
roll out their prestige offerings. (And then the new year begins and the
season of pretty gowns and dapper
tuxedos actually begins.) It's not that the studios are against
mindless popcorn films or that
thoughtful films don't exist during the
summer: "Mad Max: Fury Road" and
"Inside Out," among others over the past
three months, gave moviegoers as much to think about as to not think about. But the fall and holiday releases are
intended to garner both critical praise
and box office gold. They imply that
scripts and acting still matter as much as
the amazing stunts that play so well
internationally. This fall brings a number of highly
anticipated offerings. Among them: "Steve Jobs": The biopic about the Apple
co-founder has earned plaudits from
reviewers -- including the other co-
founder, Steve Wozniak. "I felt like I was
actually watching Steve Jobs," Woz told
Deadline. Look for star Michael Fassbender to be talked up for Osss-
cah. "Bridge of Spies": "Bridge" has big
names galore: director Steven Spielberg,
star Tom Hanks, and co-screenwriters
Ethan and Joel Coen. The movie
concerns the 1960 U-2 spy plane affair
and the events that led to the exchange of captured U.S. pilot Francis Gary
Powers and Soviet spy Rudolf Abel,
played by Mark Rylance. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens": Sure,
it'll make gobs of money, but there was a
time when well-made adventure flicks
were taken seriously by the Oscars. The
original "Star Wars" was nominated for
best picture, as was "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Of course, all fans care about is
that the new film is better than Nos. I, II,
III and perhaps VI. Throw in the new James Bond, another
pair of Jennifer Lawrence films and
perhaps a sleeper or two, and it looks
like the fall will be as enriched by good
movies as the summer was for popcorn
flicks. For moviegoers as omnivorous as certain dinosaurs, that's good news for
the coming months.

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