Cumberbatch backs song to raise refugee funds

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Cumberbatch backs song to raise refugee funds

Post by onlyguy on Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:44 pm

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has
lent his support to the release of a
charity single to raise funds for refugees
fleeing Syria and other war zones. Cumberbatch, nominated for an Oscar
for his role in last year's "The Imitation
Game," has recorded an introduction to
the song, a rerelease of the Crowded
House tune "Help Is Coming." All proceeds from the song's sale will go
to the charity Save the Children, which is
working to help children both within
Syria and in the countries along the
routes taken by those fleeing the conflict
there -- including Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Italy. European nations have been struggling
to cope with a massive influx of refugees
in recent weeks, many of them from
Syria but also including people from
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. In his introduction to the song and an
accompanying short film, Cumberbatch
-- known to many for his role in BBC
drama series "Sherlock" -- quotes from
the poem "Home" by the Somali-born
poet Warsan Shire, who now lives in London. "No one leaves home unless home is the
mouth of a shark," he says. "You only run
for the border when you see the whole
city running as well." Toddler's death inspired project The single is available for download now
from iTunes, and a 7-inch vinyl version
will be released September 28 in the
United Kingdom, with a previously
unreleased B-side. The initiative, led by UK writers and
broadcasters Caitlin Moran and Pete
Paphides, was prompted by their horror
over the images that emerged last week
of Syrian toddler, Aylan Kurdi, who
drowned off the coast of Turkey, along with his mother and older brother. Crowded House's Neil Finn said he was
"continually amazed and grateful for the
mysterious pathways that songs can
travel," according to a statement from
Save the Children. The song, originally recorded in 1995
and released in 1999, has had a long
journey to find a good home, he said. "It was always a song about refugees
even if at the time I was thinking about
the immigrants setting off on ships from
Europe to America, looking for a better
life for their families in America." Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save
the Children UK, said the single would
"help to keep the public's attention
focused -- and in turn European leaders
accountable -- on one of the biggest
refugee crises of our time. "No more body bags. No more children
dying on our doorstep."

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